Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Vote of Thanks by the Executive Director of CFTC during the signing ceromony of MOU between CCC and CFTC

This formal co-operation will open doors of opportunities for us as an agency , and for Malawians, to actively participate in trade in the COMESA region. We believe in earnest that Competition is trade enhancing, and therefore, we would like to see this kind of close co-operation in the implementation of our local laws and the COMESA regulations.Read more

Speech by PS of Ministry of Industry and Trade during the signing ceremony of MOU between CCC and CFTC

The Principal Secretary of Ministry of Industry and Trade, Mr Charles Kambauwa said the MOU will facilitate and promote harmonisation in the enforcement of competition and consumer protection laws for the benefit of consumers and business prosperity.Read more

CTFC Executive Director's Speech during the signing ceremony of MOU between CFTC and FCC

Our vision for the future, is continued excellence and investment in capacity building, skills transfer, mutual sharing of market intelligence to enhance conclusion of cases, and creation of opportunities for the benefit of both Malawians and Tanzanians.Read more

Speech by PS of Ministry of Industry and Trade during the signing of MOU between FCC and CFTC

The Secretary of Ministry of Industry and Trade, Mr Cliff Chiunda said that when the Commission enters into cooperation agreements with its counterparts across the borders, it does so with the full mandate and support of the Ministry. Despite being in its infancy stage, the Commission has made a difference in the functioning of markets in Malawi.Read more..

Speech by the Director General of FCC during the signing ceremony of MOU between FCC and CFTC

The Director General of Fair Competition Commission Dr Frederick  Ringo said in order to strengthen and improve trading interactions between our two countries, the Malawian Competition and Fair Trading Commission in collaboration with the Fair Competition Commission have found it worthwhile entering into this cooperation agreement.This cooperation agreement aim at putting to check those conducts which affect consumers of our two countries..Read more

Speech by the Chairman of FCC during the signing of MOU between FCC and CFTC

The Chairman of Fair Competition Commission Proffesor Samuel M. Wangwe said that following the desire for cooperation amongst African Countries in order to protect consumers and competition principles, FCC and CFTC are making this historic commencement of cross-border cooperation by signing the Memorandum of Understanding, which will translate the cooperation into action.Read more

Signing Ceremony of Memorandum of Understanding between CFTC and CCPC

The Chairperson Dr Gerard Chigona said that the signing of the two insitutions is part of the wider deliberate strategy that the Commission is taking to foster international cooperation with like minded Competition authorities in the region. This is founded on the premise that, as competition authorities, we are not competitors or rivals, but rather comrades, complementing each other to bring sanity and ensure lawful conduct in markets.Read more

Signing Ceremony of MOU between CFTC and CCPC

CFTC Executive Director Charlotte Wezi Malonda said the signing of this Memorandum of Understanding between our two institutions today symbolizes a partnership which we believe will help many and produce new synergies, and add enforcement value for both the CFTC and CCPC in the years ahead.Read more

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